Dr. Holly Stiles, DM has been in the real estate investing business since 2005 when she retired from being a CEO of a charter high school she founded. Holly was looking for a way to have more time with her children while making enough money to support her family. After going to a weekend seminar, Holly began absorbing everything she could about real estate investing. Adding to her Doctorate Degree in Organizational Management and Leadership,  Holly has become a Realtor, Contractor, and Asbestos Inspector. During the past 12 years, Holly has done fix and flips, wholesales, owner finance, rentals, and lease options. Due to her wealth of knowledge in real estate investing and being a past teacher, Holly is now sharing her knowledge (and love for teaching) by providing classes, mentoring, and online education.

There is nothing worse than a cookie cutter mentoring program that does not fit your needs or geographic area. Holly knows that education has to be personalized just as it was when she was a high school administrator/teacher. Even before the student is registered for the mentoring program, Holly asks the student a set of deep questions so she can design an individualized education program for each student. Contact Holly if you have further questions about her mentoring program!

Please do not hesitate to contact Holly if you need help in your real estate investing business!


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